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Thank you for stopping by Mosquito Steve. Our web site is under construction. This may take a while! There is LOTS of information on here and everyone I know tells me the site stinks and is too wordy. So, Let me help you:

A. If you are a do it yourself type, want to hook a product up to a hose and spray the yard yourself using only natural products, please go directly to the Online Shop. There are products there made JUST for you. They are more effective than the chemicals at the big box stores! 

B. Want someone to visit you and discuss how we can help keep your yard free from mosquitoes, fleas, chiggers and more? Then call our office: (214) 520-0041, tell us where you live and we will send someone out to see you. We go through service providers so you may get a call from Safehaven Pest, Green Army, New World, Greg, Dave, Ron or Chris. They should be representing only Mosquito Steve products. Or feel free to click on the link to their web site below. 

C. Not good enough?? Want to talk to Mosquito Steve yourself? Then please feel free to call the office, or, for a more prompt response, send an email to [email protected] 

OTHERWISE, if you have time to read all of this you could learn a lot! Have fun! I promise I can solve your mosquito problem or at least tell you why! 


  • Typical yard sprays run about $89 to $100. We recommend twice monthly.
  • We have misting systems starting at about $1700, which is about half of what most guys charge. Don't forget, if you are misting 2-3 times a day, you will go through a drum every month. Refills can run from $250 to $300. That is OUR systems OR THEIRS. However, we generally use a lot less nozzles than the competition so refills are not as frequent and costly. 
  • We recommend twice monthly sprays and use the mister 10 minutes before you go outside...that will keep flying insects away for about 6 hours. 
  • If someone tells you "natural products don't work," that just means they have not tried ours. I guarantee we will beat anyone else at getting rid of your mosquitoes. 
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For a private consultation, presentation or demonstration for distribution and investment opportunities please send me an email [email protected]

Mosquito Steve has dedicated over 15 years to finding out the most effective and natural mosquito solutions. There are no     solutions more effective than Mosquito Steve!

We create and manufacture safe and natural area repellents   for backyard and commercial misting systems and other devices. We work with service providers like the ones below to install new   misting systems or refill existing misting systems. We also have weekly Mosquito Maintenance programs, including periodic yard sprays, that are guaranteed effectivesafe and unbeatable. PLEASE read our backyard and commercial tab for how it works.

MISTING PLUS YARD SPRAYS is the most effective way to treat your yard. If you are not doing both you really should consider it. Folks, we have science and EXPERIENCE on our side! 

Please visit AG Organics or one of my retailers for help with retail products. Or call one of my service providers for yard sprays and misting.  

  • Our products are more effective than chemicals!
  • Our products are safe on kids, pets and don't burn vegetation.
  • Our all natural, essential oil based products are better for the environment. They repel rather than kill!
  • Our products work on all species of mosquitoes...including Aedes aegypti, Aedes albopictus, and Culex!
MOSQUITO STEVE is nationally recognized as an expert in mosquito behavior in residential and  environments.

Mosquito Steve products are available from these fine Texas retail partners: 

North Richland Hills Farmers Market (North Richland Hills)
Athens Organic Supply (Athens, TX)
America's Country Store (College Station, TX)
North Richland Hills Farmers Market (North Richland Hills)
**NEW!!  Trinity Haymarket (Dallas) 
Other Fine Retailers!
Keith ACE Hardware- Waco           Rooster Hardware- Dallas          Brumley Gardens- Dallas           Covington Nursery and Landscape - Rowlett      Meador Nursery- Denton 
Suburban Plants - Mesquite        Ruibal's Plants of Texas (Pearl St.) - Dallas
Earthscapes Landscape Architects- Temple And welcome Meador Nursery!

Service Providers- Yard Sprays and Misting: 
New for this season: Green Army 
For service in the far north like Prosper, McKinney, etc, please call:
Mosquito Detective (Ft Worth)
What makes us unique is that we have conducted hundreds of field trials researching natural products and comparing them to brand name products. We have always had a higher standard for efficacy and quality. Our goal has always been to have the very best product, not just the safest. 

When you choose Mosquito Steve LLC, you are choosing a natural repellent that is safe to use around children and pets and does not harm the beneficial insects in our environment. Other companies use Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids mixed in with Pipernyl Butoxide. These products are harmful to fish, cats and kill beneficial insects, like honeybees and butterflies, as well.