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Mosquito Steve, LLC

“Others promise, we deliver the most effective natural solution for mosquitoes.”

Welcome to Mosquito Steve LLC. Steve has dedicated the last dozen years to finding out the most effective and natural mosquito solutions. We offer the most effective natural solution to prevent mosquitoes


We create and manufacture safe and natural area repellents for misting systems and other devices. We have a portable misting system for smaller yards and smaller budgets. We can install new misting systems or refill existing misting systems. We also have weekly Mosquito Maintenance Programs involving safe larvicides, integrated pest management, periodic spray treatments and the use of a portable mister.

After many years in research and development, the Mosquito Steve Spray On repellent! DEET-free, safe and natural, yet strong enough to effectively protect you and your family! The most effective repellent available!

What makes us unique is that we have conducted
hundreds of field trials researching natural products and comparing them to brand name products. We have always had a higher standard for efficacy and quality. Our goal has always been to have the very best product, not just the safest.

When you choose Mosquito Steve LLC, you are choosing a natural repellent that is safe to use around your children and pets, and does not harm the beneficial insects in our environment. Other companies use Pyrethrins and Pyrethroids mixed in with Pipernyl Butoxide. These products are harmful to fish, cats and kill beneficial insects as well.

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