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Why Mosquito Steve?

Mosquito Steve has conducted hundreds of documented field trials over the last decade so we know our products work. 

Not just in a laboratory but in your yard. 

There is nobody in the business of eliminating mosquitoes that has gone to greater lengths to provide the most effective and safe products as we have. Our products also work better because the mosquitoes don't becoming immune  to them. We affect multiple senses on the mosquitoes...not just the olfactory sense.

Our founder Steve Moore grew up in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas and attended Southern Methodist University. Steve has had as many as 900 mosquito bites in one night in order to determine the most effective products.He has tested the competitive products as well as his own.

Steve Moore knows more about residential mosquito solutions than just about anyone in the world. He has over a decade of hands-on-experience and is very knowledgeable. He is also a Member of American Mosquito Control Association.

Help us fight the use of harmful pesticides by going to our online  and buying a Mosquito Steve cap! Want more information on pesticide use and the dangers associated with it? Check out this article:
The Problem with Pesticide Use
Now Mosquito Steve is a proud member of the East Africa Chamber of Commerce! For more information send me a note!

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